About us

The company Poco Loco was born out of passion. Passion for exploring the world and it’s unique places, trying exotic food, climbing highest peaks and diving deep down.Passion for meeting people, exploring the wild areas and tasting other cultures.Passion for travel.
Only passion is not enough to do something professionally. For  doing this you need to graduate Tourism and Lesuire at the University, have many years of experience of a tour guide, months of practice and work in travel agencies, hotels and hostels in several countries. And of course, a trip around the world. Then you can think about organizing travel and accommodation to others.
This is Poco Loco. We’re not just another travel company. We are a new, unique brand, which is formed by a team of young people who passion, education and experience have turn into a job. We believe that life is about fulfilling dreams. Yourself and others’. dreams
Welcome to our friendly hostel and joins us to have adventure in any place in Poland and abroad. Prepare only that we are “un poco loco” crazy, but just a little;)

Who we are

Tomek Kowalski

Tourism and Leisure at University of Poznan, in addition to intellectual development 😉 has allowed me to travel and expand my greatest passion which are the mountains and everything associated with them. The parents and brother instilled in me a passion for climbing and travel so that from an early age I was rise as adventureer

In 2003 I went hitchhiking for the first time beyond the Polish borders. This two-week trip for less than 50 euros helped me cross the invisible boundary, believe that I could go on further, and when the next year I climbed the Mont Blanc found that I can go also even higher. Since then I have visited six continents and climbed 6 out of 9  „ Seven Summits” peaks. I have also received the prestigious „Andrzej Zawada Award” and almost managed to break the record in speedclimbing “Snow Panther” – 5 seventouseneers of the former Soviet Union.

I lived for several months in Genoa, Manchester, New York, Brisbane and Canadian Squamish working in different and sometimes strange situations. In addition to climbing and mountaineering  I love to run long distances (I did few ultramarathons) and all endurance sports, which the essence are adventure races in which I take part as soon as I get a chance. I am a movie fanatic and so I have very extensive imagination. I always have a plan B and I believe in happy endings. 

Welcome to PocoLoco hostel


Taczaka 23/4 street
61-819 Poznan
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Poco Loco Sp. z o.o.
Taczaka 23/4
61-819 Poznań
TAX no: 7831698596
34 1950 0001 2006 0496 9431 0002

How to get?

BY CAR: turn to the right from the Caponiera Roundabout, the main point of Poznań, into the main street of the city – Św. Marcin. You pass the first crossroads with the Niepodległości Street. On your left you pass University buildings and a Castle. You arrive at a second crossroads with lights. There, turn right into Kościuszki Street. Then take the first street to the left and there we are at our Taczaka Street. At the end of the street, on the left side, you find number 23 and Poco Loco Hostel.

By air: We can pick you up with our Locobus! Just call. The other option is to take a rapid bus no. L, that goes to the Caponiera Rounabout and from there follow the directions shown above (10 minutes walking time) or make it a little bit faster by taking a tram for one stop.

By train: We can pick you up from Poznań railway station. Just call! But you can also come walking (15 minutes walking time). You climb the stairs of the viaduct in front of the main entrance to the station. You turn right and you walk until you reach a park to your left. You continue on Powstańców Wielkopolskich Street, that starts in the middle of the park. Continue till you arrive at Ratajczaka Street. There you turn left and then again left. You are on Taczaka Street and no. 23 is Poco Loco Hostel.